Battalion Berserk

(Music: Egert Vandel; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Take the cup that’s filled with might
Drink the juice to banish fright
Heavens roar with Odin’s voice
Time has come to make a choice

Feel the power scourge your veins
Gods lend you their purest rage
Now or never, men of war!
“Victory or death!” we roar

Red is the veil in front of your eyes
Red is the blood that you let
No longer you care if you live or die
As long as you’re not dead yet
Gods that are holding your life and your fate
make you maim, kill and destroy
Invincible warriors storming the gates
Are filled with pure battle-joy

Battalion Berserk
Kill the enemy
Battalion Berserk
Kill with bare hands
Battalion Berserk
Thor beckons you on
Battalion Berserk
Valhalla awaits