The Band

Herald, founded in 2000, is a purebred heavy-metal band from Estonia, who celebrated their 15th anniversary with their third studio album – “Masin” (The Machine) in 2015. Herald can be described as heavy-metal from the good old days with a slightly modern sound. Their tracks vary from fast speed/thrash metal to slow heavy riffs and even some acoustic offerings. Vocals range from low melodic to high-pitched metal screams. The lyrics are in Estonian which adds exotic touch for foreign listeners.

Herald’s first LP “Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast” (2005) was hailed by the local metal fans and followed by dozens of successful gigs in Estonia and Europe.

In 2010 Herald released their second album “Gaia”. That album can be described as classic heavy metal which is dynamic and diverse. “Gaia” was critically acclaimed and was a true new landmark in the landscape of Estonian metal music. Herald also released their first video for track “Amanita” from that album.

Their energetic live shows, adroit use of instruments, and thought-provoking lyrics have successfully incited the interest and respect of both those new to the genre and long-time metal veterans alike. The band has developed a strong and loyal fan base in Estonia and are now looking for means to spread their music and message abroad.

Who: Sven “Aksel” Varkel
When: 20.04.1976
What: Vocals
Light: Lager and ale
Strong: All Islay single malt whiskeys
Who: Egert Vandel
When: 26.03.1982
What: Guitar
Light: Beer, especially Czech
Strong: Tequila, all but vodka
Who: Tauno Nava
When: 25.02.1975
What: Guitar
Light: Beer
Strong: Vodka
Who: Jaan Liinat
When: 28.05.1977
What: Percussions
Light: Carbonated water and dark beer
Strong: Bourbon and cold Vodka
Who: Meelis Endla
When: 30.01.1976
What: Bass strings, made of steel
Light: Beer
Strong: The time and the room know the answer

Photos by Meelis Endla