“Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast” Laulusõnad

My Judgement Cometh

(Music: Egert Vandel: Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Black flecks of madness swarming in my brain
I load my weapon and jump the midnight train.
Alone forever. There’s no-one I can trust.
My judgement cometh and it be right and just.

My mind is speeding although my eyes are blank.
Behind them weird ideas and dreams are growing rank.
I never sleep because I have to watch the moon.
The voices tell me then exactly what to do.

My judgement cometh!
My seed will rise!
Full moon is burning
burning out my eyes!

My name is something that I long ago forgot.
Of one thing, though, I’m sure – I’m excellent a shot.
I’ve got my Bible, a gun that I adore,
two quarts of petrol and a big lump of C4

Tonight I’m laughing.
Tomorrow I’ll be dead.
Voices are screaming
deep inside my head.

The voices speak to me. The train is headed south.
Strange words in unknown tongues are falling from my mouth.
I’ve got a mission but I don’t know what it is.
Still I’ll accomplish it with proficiency and ease.

Hounds on My Trail

(Music: Mart Veski; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Bloodhounds on my trail.
I run to no avail.
Fear and sweat and failure
are all that I inhale.

The horror’s catching up with me
but that don’t change a thing.
For one night I am truly free
Tonight I am The King

Bloodhounds on my trail.
I run to no avail.
Fear and sweat and failure
are all that I inhale.

It’s a perfect night to die.
Time to say goodbye.
There’s no way I can make it
but I sure as hell did try!

The night is almost over
The dawn is my demise
The dogs are coming closer
with vengeance in their eyes

Sunrise. Time to die.
Dark clouds. Red sky.
I’ve got to stop, to catch my breath
Turn around and face my death

The air is thick with venom
and I am running wild.
I am the lord of madness
and desperation’s child

Long night. First light.
Last fight. Die right.
Bloodhounds on my trail.
In the end they will fail.
One gun. Five rounds.
Ten screws and a pack of hounds.
I’ll save one bullet out of five.
They cannot take me alive!

The Swarm, The Hive, The Empire

(Music: Egert Vandel; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Mine is the future, mine are the stars.
Soon I’ll be ready to strike.
Man’s reign will end and he will be scarce,
rich man and poor man alike.

I am the legion, I am the hive
a wasp, a cockroach, a grig;
a living machine, only partly alive,
small alone, but together we’re big.

I am the empire, I am the Hive.
When I choose to attack no-one survives.
I can dispose of trillions of lives
till the day arrives when the Empire thrives.

Using the language of pheromones
palpi atremble we cheer.
After we’ve eaten the flesh from you bones
the way to our future is clear.

End product of evolution is me,
Emperor Roach is my name.
Flesh as you know it was not meant to be
and so it must vanish in flame.

The Swarm, the Hive, the Empire.
No emotions, no glands, no desires.
Controlled and programmed wildfire.
The Swarm, the Hive, the Empire.

We are the toughest, unsmashable race,
the fittest survivors alive.
True sons of Earth won’t be a disgrace
to Empress Supreme and the Hive.

By moving my wings I can summon a storm.
You can take it for what it is worth.
For we are the Empire, we are the Swarm,
the chitinous lords of the Earth

Battalion Berserk

(Music: Egert Vandel; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Take the cup that’s filled with might
Drink the juice to banish fright
Heavens roar with Odin’s voice
Time has come to make a choice

Feel the power scourge your veins
Gods lend you their purest rage
Now or never, men of war!
“Victory or death!” we roar

Red is the veil in front of your eyes
Red is the blood that you let
No longer you care if you live or die
As long as you’re not dead yet
Gods that are holding your life and your fate
make you maim, kill and destroy
Invincible warriors storming the gates
Are filled with pure battle-joy

Battalion Berserk
Kill the enemy
Battalion Berserk
Kill with bare hands
Battalion Berserk
Thor beckons you on
Battalion Berserk
Valhalla awaits

Hell Brigade

(Music: Tauno Nava; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Downtrodden man, the system’s slave,
forced to dig yourself a grave –
Are you ready to shun the shame
and join the fight of the Hell Brigade?

Lose your face. Forget your past.
Take revenge loose and fast.
Don’t hope to win this vicious game:
these are the stakes in the Hell Brigade.

Yeah, Hell Brigade, oh yeah!
Hell Brigade, oh Lord!
Hell Brigade, yeah!

Lose your past. Forget your name.
Your life will never be the same.
Take the oath, unsheath your blade.
Join the ranks of the Hell Brigade.

Refuse to live a pointless life.
Arm yourself with ↑guns and knives.
Refuse to be the one enslaved.
Join the cause of the Hell Brigade.
Yeah …

You watched the last bridge burn with tears of joy in your eyes.
From now on only secluded, forsaken trails are open to you;
Dark alleys of the sick, doomed city.
The sewers your home, your only hope of safety.
In a cloud of mace the word “freedom”
always glitters ahead, always out of reach.
Death for the Cause is justified only when you have no other choice.
And you no longer do. But in death, at least, you’ll have a name!

No more shame. No more fear.
Load your guns, put on your gear.
Don’t forget the oath you made
to fight or die for the Hell Brigade!

Congratulations! No more lies!
You’ll live in truth until you die.
We will not forget your name,
your hero’s death for the Hell Brigade.

Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast

(Music: Herald; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

I’m the perfect rocker, the headbanger elite.
Hey, you up on the stage, can you sweep me off my feet?
Play some righteous metal, make my eardrums bleed.
Give me all you got ‘coz that’s exactly ↑what I need.

Come on!
Heavy Metal wakes the beast
Heavy Metal wakes the beast
Heavy Metal wakes the beast
Heavy Metal wakes the beast in me

From nine to five I’m slavin’, working for the Man.
Come Friday night I’m out of here, let ’em catch me if they can.
Feeling like a beast that’s been let out of its cage
I’m sweating like an animal ↑in front of the stage.

Heavy Metal …

Come thunder, come lightning, come rain and snow and hail,
come heavy metal weather, come raining spikes and nails.
Come Friday night I’m always there to roar and scream and shout,
to drink my beer and bang my head until the lights go out.

The gang is all together, they’re moshing here with me.
Our favourite band is on tonight and we won’t let them leave.
None of us is sober – we’re high on ↑Rock and Roll
wild and wicked metalheads ↑out of control!
Come on!

Heavy Metal …

Summon Us

(Music: Egert Vandel; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Fathoms deep is our sleep.
We are incarnate nightmare screams.
Yet we dream as we speak
and control you all in your dreams.
And control you all in your dreams!

When you feel the world can’t be real, summon us!
When you know your life is woe, summon us!
When you feel your world can’t be real, summon us!
When you yearn to scream and burn, summon us!

Dormant race out of space,
we shall feast on your deepest fear.
Aeons old is our cold.
We are far yet always so near.
We are dead, yet we dream
in the depths of our ancient tomb.
Just you wait till the gate
opens up and lets through your doom.
Until the gate lets through your doom!

When your mind welcomes us,
we will gain the passage across,
When you call, we will come
and reality will ↑succumb…

When you feel…

God Found Dead In Space

(Music: Egert Vandel, Tauno Nava; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

God found dead in space!

It started to dawn a little,
this time I didn’t read it between the lines.
Read it forwards or backwards,
it is still all the same here, moon or shine.

You feared for something different
and hoped for nothing less, I know the feeling.
When everything comes crumbling down, bow down…
Oh shit! You’re already kneeling!

The news today is disturbing – God found dead in space!
The world today is refurbished – God found dead in space!
And as the Wurm keeps turning – God found dead in space!
they found no better wording than “God Found Dead In Space”.

Our Father, deceased in the heavens,
has become a monumental asteroid.
From now on the choice is yours
between eternal freedom and the void.

I hear the autopsy went well.
They learned everything and then some.
I am ready to step in the queue of those
waiting for thy kingdom come.

The news today …

Found dead in space!

Black Heart Blues

(Music: Tauno Nava, Viktor Villand, Egert Vandel; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

Let’s go!

Just when you thought you were happy and healthy,
comfortably blinded and bound,
we came along and we truly mean business
We’re serious this time around.
We are the reason behind your affliction.
We are the lords of your mind
shooting you full of ideas so useless,
making you lose and not find.

We are the thoughts that will not let you sleep,
the demons that keep you awake.
We are the memories you tried to forget,
the ties you have struggled to break.
We are the deeds that you know must be done,
done despite of the cost.
We are the questions you don’t want to answer,
the conscience you thought you had lost.

We hide inside your black heart.
We sing the blues you despise.

You cannot ignore us. We’re inside your heart.
Make you anew as we take you apart.
Now that you know the true meaning of strife,
why don’t you wake up and start living your life?

We’re not the cancer. We are the cure.
The tumor is you believing you’re pure.
Don’t hide from the truth, you have nothing to lose.
Embrace your disease and welcome the blues.

We hide…


(Music: Egert Vandel, Mart Veski; Lyrics: Mart Kalvet)

If you really prick your ears,
there’s a hum you can almost hear,
a darker place ↑your body fears,
sonic door to the realm of dreams.

Whoa whoa whoa! Dreamreaper!
Whoa whoaa! Gatekeeper!

Next time you go to sleep
you better not get in too deep.
There are sights you should ↑never ↓see,
entities you would not believe.

Whoa whoa whoa …

Dreamreaper – standing right behind you,
sucking in your fears.
Gatekeeper – to the realm of Hypnos,
to a world of tears.

Cross against his dark domain,
use his sacred name in vain…
See this dream you won’t sustain?
The reaper ends your life in pain!

You won’t have time to go insane –
the reaper ends your life in pain.
You’re locked in hell inside your brain
and you will ↑never ↓wake again.

Nightmares are his to give or take.
Don’t look at him if you want to wake.
Don’t dare to moan, dare not to shake,
shut your eyes; there’s too much at stake.
The horrid wheel of dreams is turning.
What’s your pleasure, sir? ↗What’s your yearning?
Lie still and hope you’ll see the morning.
Don’t think of how your skin is burning.

Don’t move, don’t turn around,
heed not this morbid sound.
You think it’s something you have found?
Well, think again! It’s the other way round!

Cross against his dark domain …

You won’t have time …