Herald spits fire at Hard Rock Laager 2011!

Less than a week is left to the biggest metal festival of the year in Estonia – Hard Rock Laager 2011. This year the festival is celebrating its X anniversary!

Herald is preparing and rehearsing for that event really well because the elite of the metalfans as well as bands will participate. Herald’s slot at 11 pm on Friday, between Mnemic (DK) and Napalm Death (UK), is prime time. That’s a great responsibility and challenge for the only true classic heavy-metal band from Estonia and we promise not to let down the fans.

We have made a deal with the pyrotechnics company Ruf. They will help us to make a hot n’ burning fire-show. You need to come down and take the right position in front of the stage  to feel the heat from hell on your very own skin! See you there at Hard Rock Laager 2011, at 11 pm on Friday, July the 1st.


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